Funded projects 2019-2021

Liberal democracy and social cohesion are increasingly under threat in many European countries. Antisemitism, anti-Roma discrimination, and racism are clearly evident. With this call for proposals, the EVZ Foundation aims to encourage dialog and support the establishment of coalitions for a society based on solidarity. The EVZ Foundation funds organizations that do not look away but instead join forces with others when hatred toward Jews, Roma and Sinti, or other groups appears. With their projects, these organizations advocate for diversity in society and are helping to enable people wherever they are to live together in security and mutual respect.
In 2019-2021, seven coalitions are being supported in Lithuania, Poland, and the Czech Republic. 

Projects Funded in 2019/20

Nationality, Ethnicity, and Coalition Building

Coalition Building in Poland: Active participants from the Jewish, Roma and Ukrainian Community are trained together in workshops and plan local activities with a closing conference and publication.
Coalition partners are the Polish Organizations: Zydowskie stowarzyszenie Czulent / Jewish Association Czulent with JawDikh! Art Foundation and Research Center for Culture of Remembrance and ZUSTRICZ Foundation.


Empowering the Role of Cross-Cultural Assistants

Coalition Building to support the participation of children from marginalised groups (the Roma Community and others) and their parents in education at six locations in Poland, incl. creation of a web portal, a video film and a brochure.
Coalition Partners are the Polish Organizations: Fundacja na rzecz Roznorodnosci Spolecznej (see also on facebook) with Mikolaj Rej Foundation for Supporting Culture and the Polish Language, Association for the Earth, NOMADA / Association for Multicultural Society Integration, 9dwunastych Association, City of Warsaw Borough of Ochota, Foundation Towards Dialogue, Fundacja Kobiety Wedrowne/ Women on the Road Foundation and Polish Migration Forum Foundation.


"Don't hate. Inspire!" - Inter-ethnic Solidarity Campaign

Joint local photo and media campaign with accompanying program in Poland.
Coalition Partners are: Polish Roma Union with UNION OF UKRAINIANS IN POLAND/ Zwiazek Ukraincow w Polsce - Kolo w Bialym Borze and ASSOCIATION OF CABLE TELEVISION USERS


Collective Power to Incite Change

Coalition of different Groups and Individuals, against Antisemitism and to Empower Jewish Groups in Lodz with Mentoring: Collective Power to incite Change.
Coalition Partners are: NOMADA / Association for Multicultural Society Integration with HaKoach and Gmina Wyznaniowa Zydowskaw Lodzi/ The Jewish Community of Lodz/ Kehila Kedosza Lodz.


Prevent Net Brno

Coalition Building for Dialogue, Solidarity and Diversity - against discrimination and hate by ten organisations at local level in Brno with participation by the Roma Community.
Coalition Partners are the Czech organizations: Ratolest Brno z.s. with The Authority for Social and Legal Protection of Children and Youth, Brno-Sever district UMC Brno-sever, Low-threshold Children and Youth Club Pavlac, Muzeum romske kultury Museum of Romani culture, Tripitaka - Colours of Brno's Bronx Community Center, DROM: romske stredisko/ Romani centre, Cafe In The Ghetto, Ceská asociace streetwork, z.s - The Czech Streetwork Association, IQ Roma Servis, z.s., Children and Youth Center Teen Challenge/ Detske centrum Teen Challenge Brno and Children and youth center FARA - (provided by Detsky dum Zabrdovice, Sdruzeni Petrov).


Invisible Power

Coalition building and empowerment organized by Czech women with groups of Romani and migrant women including biographical work, opportunities to share personal stories, a photo ex-hibition, film events, and media Content. Coalition Partners are: Ceska zenska lobby/ (Czech Women's Lobby) with Association for Integration and Migration (SIMI)/ Sdruzeni pro integraci a migraci, o.p.s and Slovo 21/ Manushe.
In August 2020 a common picnic of migrant and Roma women and other representatives of the member organizations of the umbrella Czech Women´s Lobby took place. 


Strengthening Human Rights

Coalition between the Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights, the Jewish and Romani communities, and various NGOs against discrimination and for advocacy: strengthening the human rights coalition in Lithuania.
Coalition Partners are: Lithuanian Jewish Community/ Asociacija Lietuvos zyd bendruomen together with Lithuanian Centre for Human Rights und Roma Community Centre Vilnius.


Funded projects 2020-2022

The growing threat to social cohesion from right-wing populist, right-wing extremist, and nationalist forces is also manifesting itself in Germany, both online and offline, as increasingly open and violent antisemitism. The right-wing terrorist attack on the synagogue in Halle on Yom Kippur in 2019 was experienced as a turning point in this regard. Antisemitism has far-reaching effects on the whole of society because it undermines democratic values and human rights. More than ever before, combating antisemitism requires a shared commitment to an open, plural society based on solidarity, in which Jewish life is natural, tangible, and visible. Coalitions between the Jewish community, other groups affected by discrimination and exclusion and the majority can also make a valuable contribution here. The EVZ Foundation encourages civil society in Germany to stand up against antisemitism through coalitions for a diverse society based on solidarity and to empower Jewish life at the local or regional level with concrete activities.
In 2020-2022, coalitions are being supported in Baden-Württemberg, Berlin, North Rhine-Westphalia, and the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region, in Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, and in Schleswig-Holstein, along with Jewish campus weeks at more than 20 universities in Germany.

The Foundation bases its work on the working definition of antisemitism and the working definition of antigypsyism/anti-Roma discrimination of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA).
This was decided by the Board of Trustees in 2019 and 2021.


Marianna Matzer
Team Lead
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