The proclamation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948 was a fundamental response to historical injustice and in particular to the unparalleled crimes of the National Socialists and World War II. The Foundation supports human rights education projects within the framework of history learning. It works in Central and Eastern Europe to counter anti-Semitism, antiziganism and hate crimes and to assist minorities. The Foundation also funds education projects and offers scholarships for Sinti and Roma.


Funding activities

MEET UP! Youth for partnership

Promotion of international exchange projects and participation formats for youth and young people as well as qualifications of professionals from Belarus, Georgia, Ukraine and Germany.

Coalition Building

The Foundation is supporting dialogues and coalitions on how to combat discriminations and hate – towards a society based on solidarity in the Czech Republic, in Lithuania, Poland, and Germany.

Facing Antisemitism and Antigypsyism

The Foundation EVZ supports the systematic and long-term examination of discrimination, marginalisation and hatred practised against Roma and Jews in Europe.

Humanity in Action

Humanity in Action supports committed young adults in learning from the lessons of history and working for human rights through international education programmes.

Scholarships for Roma in Eastern Europe

The Foundation EVZ supports scholarships for Roma in Eastern Europe.

MEET UP! German-Ukrainian youth encounters

With the support of the Federal Foreign Office and the Robert Bosch Foundation, the Foundation EVZ is providing funding for a special programme for German-Ukrainian youth encounters

Completed funding programs

Here you can find the already completed funding programs in the field of Working for Human Rights.

Project selection