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With the local.history funding program, the EVZ Foundation supports local and regional history initiatives from Central and Eastern Europe in implementing projects to reappraise and remember the era of National Socialism and the Second World War. The funded projects thematically examine places, people, and events from National Socialist history. In the process, particular attention is paid to Nazi forced labor and the persecution of various people and population groups under National Socialism. The participatory involvement of local stakeholders and various target groups along with targeted public relations work create a contemporary and inclusive culture of remembrance. It is important to the EVZ Foundation that, in doing so, links to current debates within society are taken up and questions regarding history are asked from today’s perspective.


The EVZ Foundation aims to facilitate critical examination of National Socialist history at the regional level. The thematic references depend on the respective countries and regions. Applications can be made from any country in Europe, particularly Central and Eastern Europe. Organizations from Germany may not apply. They can, however, be part of the project as a cooperation partner. Further information can be found in the call for applications.

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