The Foundation EVZ aims to anchor the history of forced labour under National Socialism in the German and European culture of remembrance. The victims are given a voice and their experiences of National Socialism are preserved for future generations. The Foundation is also helping develop a culture of remembrance for the German migration society. It is channelling the lessons learned from experiences of violence in the 20th century into the international debate. The Foundation is also raising awareness of the Jewish contribution to German and European history.


Funding activities

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Migration and Remembrance Culture

Germany society faces diverse challenges in a world increasingly shaped by globalisation and migration. Immigration and emigration have also sparked new scientific and pedagogical discussions about how to address history in a manner appropriate to contemporary society.

Forced labour and forgotten victims

New funding programme for remebrance of forced labour and forgotten victims – Remembrance of National Socialist injustice.

Education with Testimonies

Educational work with the testimonies of victims of National Socialism

Encounters with former forced labourers and other victims

Тhe Foundation "Remembrance, Responsibility and Future" (EVZ) supports projects working to help the survivors of National Socialism.

Project selection