PoMoc. Commitment to survivors of National Socialist persecution in Poland

An estimated 50,000 people who were persecuted by the National Socialist occupying power still live in Poland. The challenges facing survivors of National Socialist persecution in their everyday lives as very elderly persons are similar to those facing other seniors in Poland: Above all, these include loneliness, insufficient knowledge of their own rights, low pensions and social benefits, often insufficient health care and difficulty accessing information in an increasingly digitalized world. This makes these people highly vulnerable and often leads to them being socially excluded, too. Moreover, many of the survivors are still suffering today, both physically and mentally, due to their traumatic experiences during the National Socialist era and therefore need special support.

By funding projects that benefit survivors of National Socialist persecution in Poland, the program aims to allow these people to live a good, dignified, and self-determined life even in their old age.

Still haven’t come up with a compelling project idea? Allow yourself to be inspired by the creative results of the Poland-wide “Inicjator PoMocy” ideas competition!


Anja Kräutler
Team Lead
Tel.:+49 (0)30 25 92 97-54