The surviving victims of National Socialism are now very elderly. Many suffer extreme material hardship and are socially isolated. In Central and Eastern Europe and in Israel, the Foundation supports initiatives that strengthen local and international efforts to help victims of forced labour and other National Socialist injustice. It funds model projects that offer a decent standard of social and medical care and which support intergenerational dialogue. Furthermore, it engages with actors in the social and political spheres to anchor responsibility in society for the concerns of the elderly and their integration into the community.


Funding activities

PoMoc. Commitment to survivors of National Socialist persecution in Poland

In 2021, the Foundation is funding projects to improve the quality of life of survivors of National Socialist persecution in Poland.

Dialogue Forum

The DIALOGUE FORUM programme addresses Belarusian and Russian organisations that work to improve the lives of the elderly in their home countries. Through our support, we want to enhance respect for the life achievements and promote public recognition of the victims of National Socialism.

Partnerships for victims of National Socialism

In this programme, the Foundation EVZ supports humanitarian projects for the victims of National Socialism and other elderly people in Central and Eastern Europe, Israel and Germany.

Donations for the victims of National Socialism

The funding programme 'Donations for the victims of National Socialism' has been made possible by the sum of EUR 5 million donated by Deutsche Bahn AG.

Latcho Dives

A funding program for survivors of the genocide of the Roma in Eastern, Central, and South-Eastern Europe in the context of the commitment to victims of National Socialism.

International volunteer services

In order to encourage the intergenerational dialogue with victims of National Socialism, the Foundation 'Remembrance, Responsibility and Future' (EVZ) is supporting the assignment of young volunteers in humanitarian projects in the activity area ‘Commitment to the victims of National Socialism’.


Project selection