Work of the foundation EVZ

Funding programmes of the Foundation EVZ

In this section, you will find information on all funding programmes to which the Foundation invites applications. The programmes are grouped into three categories.

Critical examination of history

    • Anchoring the history of forced labour under National Socialism firmly in the European memory and communicating the life experience of the victims
    • Promoting understanding of the different portrayals of history in Europe
    • Raising awareness of the Jewish contribution to European history 

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    Working for human rights

      • Fostering commitment to democracy and human rights through history learning
      • Initiating international projects that combat right-wing extremism, anti-Semitism and modern forms of forced labour, and which work to protect the victims
      • Developing capacity among the descendants of minority groups persecuted under National Socialism 

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      Commitment to the victims of National Socialism

        • Engendering respect for the life histories of those persecuted under National Socialism and strengthening their involvement in society across generations
        • Promoting willingness to help the victims at local and international level
        • Encouraging the development of models for providing humane support and care for the elderly

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