News from the Foundation

  1. Statement on the liquidation of Memorial International

    On 28 February 2022, the Supreme Court of Russia confirmed the “liquidation” of the non-governmental organisation Memorial International in Moscow. This marks the beginning of the administrative process of the forced dissolution of Memorial International.

Our events

  1. Migration and Culture of Remembrance

    Jewish life in Germany today is primarily shaped by post-Soviet experience since the 1990s. However, their voices and stories are hardly heard in the discourse. The installation by the artists' group andpartnersincrime in the foyer of the Jewish Community allows these people and their different perspectives to have their say audiovisually.

  2. Education Agenda NS-Injustice

    As part of the Education Agenda NS-Injustice, the play "stolpern" celebrates its premiere at the Schaubühne. A group of young people from Berlin and Cottbus ask themselves: How to deal with the knowledge of persecution, deportation and murder of various groups that are still marginalized today?

  3. Theater

    Together with the Berlin-based organization Wheels e.V., actors from Kharkiv develope a theater project that addresses, among other things, the current situation in Ukraine. The first performances of the play "The Little World War" will take place in mid-June at the Theater Eurodistrict Baden Alsace.