„Recht ist, was dem Staat nützt“

In 1933, the pastor Jakob Martin wrote "Justitia's blindfold has been removed, and Veritas has had it put on!... Right is what benefits the state; What harms the state is wrong!" The National Socialist state used the entire state administration for its criminal activities. The judiciary, the police as well as the Wehrmacht in particular were responsible for laying the groundwork and for implementing it.

Professional groups involved in the system are still significantly involved in shaping the state and now our democracy. With historical education, they should be sensitized and strengthened for democratic procedures when dealing with citizens. The critical examination of history and its consequences is supplemented with methods of anti-bias work for the purpose of reflection on one's own prejudiced thinking structures. The focus is on the phenomena of antisemitism and antigypsyism/anti-Roma.

Research across Lower Saxony is the basis for the seminars and educational materials that are made available digitally via a website.

Data Sheet

Project partners:

The project is carried out in cooperation with the memorial associations and self-representation groups of Sinti and Roma and Jews in Lower Saxony.

Duration: 01.11.2021 until 31.12.2022