For the project #insideHISTORY, the Association for the Promotion of Participatory Education and Digitalization [Bidigi - Verein zur Förderung partizipativer Bildung und Digitalisierung e.V.], together with various cooperation partners, creates digital and immersive media installations, whose sound worlds from the everyday life and resistance of people who suffered persecution open automatically at GPS-marked locations and contribute to Culture of Remembrance 4.0.

Experiencing resistance immersively

The aim of #insideHISTORY is to establish a participatory and inclusive culture of remembrance about National Socialism in four major German cities – Berlin, Munich, Cologne and Leipzig. Media installations are consciously designed to appeal to a broad local audience, while an additionally produced interactive learning environment which can be used nationwide is oriented specifically to pupils.

Unknown history/histories and participation

Through #insideHISTORY, multi-perspective sources are to be rendered visible to a broad target group in order to create access to experiences of people affected by persecution from diverse groups through biographically based historical narratives and to focus on their hitherto often unknown resistance. #InsideHISTORY tells these stories in a contemporary format in a multi-perspective, diversity-sensitive, differentiated way by means of modern media.

The project format also includes workshops which invite different target groups to participate. The result is effective sound installations and learning environments which render historical places visible and audible from multiple perspectives and create new opportunities for learning. Bidigi e.V. was founded for this purpose; members of the association want to tell history in a contemporary and appealing way, address new target groups and contribute to democratic education in this way.

Data Sheet

Project partners:

Weinmeisterhaus, Stiftung WannseeFORUM, Museum Pankow, Berlin
Lixer e.V., Leipzig
Arsch huh e.V., NS-Dokumentationszentrum der Stadt Köln, Köln
Bayerischer Jugendring, Bayerisches Seminar für Politik e.V., München

Funding country: Germany
Laufzeit: October 2021 bis December 2022