Gvantsa Tvaliashvili

Gvantsa is founder of the Martkopi Youth Centre. A youth worker who seeks to make positive changes in the community by developing competencies among young people. She has been engaged and working with different NGOs all around the world since 2014.

Medea Pavliashvili

Medea is founder of the Gori Youth Centre and also a team member of the organization Umbrella, which works on strengthening the youth centers including the Martkopi Youth Centre. Medea is the trainer and the facilitator of Umbrella, who works with the youth from around Georgia, on the local level. She is also involved in working as a trainer and facilitator internationally.

Felix Weiß

Studies of Cultural Anthropology and Gender Studies at the University Göttingen (B.A.) and European Studies at Viadrina Frankfurt/Oder (M.A.); after volunteering at an NGO in Tbilisi indefinite prolongation of the stay in Georgia; trainer, project manager @DRONI, teacher, DJ, part-time Journalist and curious observer.

Prokhar Navitski

Prokhar is an active member of a human rights organization from Belarus. Since 2018, he has been working on a broad range of topics related to HR, and in 2022 he underwent a training to specialize in Human Rights Education for Young People.

Olga Kikava

Olga is project coordinator at Association Merkuri from 2007. . She has vast experience in organizing and carrying out local and international activities for children, youth, women, facilitation and moderation events and work with volunteers.

Maxim Cirlan

Maxim is a polyglot and undergraduate of Classical Languages from the University of Athens. After finishing Prague Film School, he shot a few shorts on LGBTIQ+ that got nominated for best film at international festivals. Mexim is chairman of the organization Moldox - a Moldovan NGO that uses film to raise awareness about social issues.

Tamar Bebia

Tamari is a psychologist at the Association Merkuri’s family support center and shelter for victims of domestic violence. She works with people who have experienced domestic violence and their children. She also leads an "Anger and Aggressive Behavior Management Program" for domestic abusers. Tamari is a facilitator of "Movement therapy", mental health and self-care activities.

Giorgi Rodinov

Giorgi Rodionov is a Tbilisi-based artist and a curator focused on social and political stories from the South Caucasus. In 2019 Giorgi established Untitled Tbilisi, an art space that collects the artists from the region to provoke positive changes in the region for human rights and equality.

Dr. Ana Trapaidze

Ana Trapaidze is an eco-activist fighting for the last remaining riparian forest in Tbilisi. She is the leader of the Dighomi Meadows Neighborhood Initiative and the founder of Open Air Museum of Environment.

Michael Cramer

Michael Cramer is a Berlin based mediator who is working on the solution of conflicts in many different fields eg. conflicts within organizations, between colleagues, as well as for NGOs since more than 15 years. As a trainer he works basically in Germany but hold trainings on mediation and conflict resolution also in Pakistan and India.

Irakli Khvadagiani

Irakli Khvadagiani was born in 1988. In 2010-2013 he studied at the Doctoral and Master Programs at Ilia State University, specialization - Caucasus in the European and Global context. From 2014 he is a Phd candidate at the Ilia State University. From 2010 he was a researcher at the Soviet Past Research Laboratory. From 2017 he is a chair of the Board of the Soviet Past Research Laboratory.

Sophio Bachilava, Irina Jvarsheishvili & Kristine Gongadze

Sophio is Head of the Department of Educational Methodology at the National Palace (Tbilisi, Georgia), a civics teacher since 2016, a youth worker and a finalist for the National Teacher Award. Sophio is a co-author of textbooks and national curricula.

Irina is a civics and entrepreneurship teacher. Awarded best entrepreneurship teacher of the year. She works with non-governmental organisations and runs a project to strengthen civil society and achieve sustainable goals. 

Kristine is a civics teacher at a public school. She is a project manager with the Civic Education Teachers Forum under the USAID Civic Education Programme. She has experience in implementing formal and non-formal education activities with minors and teachers.

Tinatin Gholadze und Mariam Lomidze

Tina is co-founder and project manager at local nonprofit organization, Entrepreneurs Association, which creates a community of young innovators and entrepreneurs in rural and urban areas of Georgia. Her area of expertise includes creative, entrepreneurial and digital skills development for young people.

Mariam has a Bachelor of English philology and Masters in Education.She has implemented various activities, workshops and
events that are related to sustainability in Estonia, Poland and Romania. She has quite valuable experience in teaching and training young people in different countries.

Melita Phachulia

Melita is project coordinator at the DVV International Georgia Country office. She is a young expert of EVZ Young and is involved in its project activities. She is skilled in reporting, PR and communications, as well as in the monitoring and management of web and social media channels.

The MEET UP! Youth for Partnership program is financed by funds from the Federal Foreign Office and the EVZ Foundation