says Ruth Weiss,

Despite the culture of remembrance and the school lessons, much about the time of National Socialism has not really reached young people,
says Ruth Weiss,
a writer and historical eyewitness to National Socialism, describing her impressions of 2021 in the EVZ Foundation's activity report

The positive aspect: Young people are more interested in the past than the older generations (source: MEMO Study). As a foundation, we therefore not only remember the horrors of the past, we also build a bridge to the here and now: In 2021 we celebrated 1,700 years of Jewish life in Germany (p. 30), we reported on the exciting story of letters that were lost during World War II (p. 34), we presented our Agenda for the Future (p. 10), and we looked back on 20 years of the Foundation's history with an award-winning anniversary website.

You will find highlights from the annual report as well as the full report in PDF format at the bottom of this page. We invite you to browse and we are always happy to receive suggestions, appreciation as well as criticism via .

Activity report 2021

Our Highlights

  • Report

    A historian looks at forced laborer letters that were hidden in Ukrainian archives for 78 years. The discovery of numerous letters from forced laborers in Ukrainian archives started with a family story and a secret.

  • #EVZSupported

    In order to support the work of our project sponsors, we present the funded projects on our social media channels with various series and campaigns. One of them the #WeRememberEveryday campaign that presents the activities of our projects and the people behind them.

  • Study

    On #MEMOMonday, we present different facts resulting from the MEMO study and encourage discussion. Since 2018 the study has been looking into how and what we have learned from the time of National Socialism – and what we have not (yet) learned. In cooperation with the Institute for Interdisciplinary Research on Conflict and Violence Bielefeld (IKG).

Leonie Schöler

Young people do not just want to be informed, they also want to actively shape discussions with their ideas and perspectives.
Leonie Schöler
Historian and journalist, participant in our YOUNG PEOPLE remember program, reports on TikTok under @heeyleonie about history and present.

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    is the amount for the Foundation’s assets as of December 31, 2021

  • 17.8 million euros

    was the Foundation's generated current income in 2021

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