EVZ Fellowships

Three-month fellowship program for "Activists at Risk" who are personally at risk because of their civic engagement in their home countries.

Why are the fellowships being set up?

Due to Russia’s war of aggression, the safety of our partners in Ukraine is at immediate risk and their work is significantly impaired. Many have had and are having to leave the country at short notice but also want to continue playing an active role on behalf of their country. In addition, our partners in Belarus and Russia, who feel a sense of connection with the objectives of the EVZ Foundation and work to promote peace, are being subjected to intense political pressure. Their organizations are being banned or harassed by the authorities.

What are the program’s objectives?

The program provides for a three-month stay in a foreign country for persons who have to leave their home country due to the war or are in personal danger due to their status as activists at risk in their home country. These individuals will gain experience with host organizations, receive professional training, and continue their involvement or seek a new direction abroad.

At the moment all Fellowships are given away, new applications will not be considered anymore.