Assets and capital of the Foundation

The Foundation’s capital of DEM 10.1 billion (EUR 5.2 billion) was provided by the German government and German industry. By the end of 2006, a total of EUR 4.37 billion was disbursed to more than 1.66 million former forced labourers and other victims of National Socialism in 98 countries. The Foundation completed its payments programmes in 2007.

Sustainability: ethical investment

Nearly all investments have been screened using an ethical investment filter. The concept is based on the definitions of the International Labour Organisation (ILO), which is part of the United Nations. Mindful of the Foundation’s purpose and the reasons for its creation, this filter focuses on human violations in the work environment (for example child labour, forced labour, exploitation).

In line with its statutory purpose, the Foundation is especially concerned about violations involving modern forms of forced labour and human rights infringements in the work environment. In the case of private sector issuers, the focus is on labour law infringements in the fields of freedom of association, child labour, forced labour, discrimination, and health and safety at work. Wherever expedient and feasible, supply chains are also put under scrutiny. In the case of government issuers, the focus is on general human rights violations, labour law infringements and child labour.



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Consultant of Finance
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