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  • Forced Labour and Forgotten Victims

    The extent to which societies come to terms with forced labour under National Socialism still varies widely in Europe. Moreover, in Germany and in the countries occupied by the National Socialist regime or their successor states, there are still groups of victims of National Socialist injustice who do not yet have any appropriate place in the respective culture of remembrance. These are frequently described in Germany by the term “forgotten” victims of National Socialism.
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  • Europeans for Peace

    In its EUROPEANS FOR PEACE programme, the Foundation EVZ promotes international school and youth projects between Germany, the countries of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe as well as Israel.


    The DIALOGUE FORUM programme addresses Belarusian, Russian and Ukrainian organisations that work to improve the lives of the elderly in their home countries.

  • MEET UP! German-Ukrainian youth encounters

    The Foundation EVZ is providing funding for a special programme for German-Ukrainian youth encounters. The aim of the programme is to intensify relations with Ukraine and to strengthen the active commitment of young people from Germany and Ukraine to fundamental democratic values and understanding between peoples.

  • Facing Antisemitism and Antigypsyism

    Antisemitism and antigypsyism are jeopardising social cohesion in Europe by condoning human rights violations and stirring up hatred. They have a long and disquieting tradition. In the National Socialist era they paved the way for the murder of the European Jews and Roma. Against the backdrop of this history, the Foundation EVZ supports the systematic and long-term examination of discrimination, marginalisation and hatred practised against Roma and Jews in Europe.


    German National Socialism persecuted tens of thousands people on the grounds of their sexual orientation or gender identity; several thousand lost their lives. The discrimination they faced and the ideologies used to justify this have not yet been overcome. The Foundation – co-funded by Dreilinden gGmbH – therefore supports activities that tackle contemporary discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation or identity.

  • Applications are possible until 10 April 2017

    Travel scholarships: Meet up! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters

    Applications are possible until 10 April 2017

    The purpose of the travel scholarships is to create opportunities to establish new contacts and develop fresh ideas in the German-Ukrainian youth exchange. They address German and Ukrainian representatives of civil society who plan to implement a project under the funding programme “Meet up! German-Ukrainian Youth Encounters”.

  • Scholarships

    Scholarships for Roma in Eastern Europe


    The Foundation finances up to 180 basic scholarships for Roma from Russia, Ukraine and Moldova who want to study for a masters or doctorate degree. The scholarships are open to students of law, politics, business, administration, social studies, journalism and history.


    Encounters with victims of National Socialism aim to enable a gesture of reconciliation and keep the memories of National Socialist injustice alive. The Foundation EVZ funds projects in which victims of National Socialism from other countries are invited to Germany and pass on their memories in encounters and eyewitness discussions.

  • Funding of Conferences can be applied at any time

    Funding of Conferences can be applied at any time

    The extent to which societies come to terms with forced labour under National Socialism still varies widely in Europe. With this programme the Foundation EVZ is supporting projects that pursue a multi-perspective approach and thus contribute to developing a European understanding of history.

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