Leo Baeck Funding Programme

The aim of the Leo Baeck Programme is to raise awareness of the diverse nature of German-Jewish history and German-Jewish life today. It is named after Rabbi Dr. Leo Baeck (1873 - 1956), a prominent figure in the field of liberal Judaism in Germany in the 20th century.


The Leo Baeck Programme supports education projects that critically examine German-Jewish history, which to date has been viewed primarily as a history of persecution against the background of the Holocaust. As a result, the Jewish contribution to Germany’s economic, political and cultural development has been overlooked. The aim is to portray and promote an understanding of German-Jewish history – between the contrasting aspects of emancipation and persecution – as an integral component of mainstream German history in the European context.

What can be funded?

Funding is provided for educational offerings in which:

  • online and print products are developed and made available (e.g. guidelines, teaching materials,...);
  • existing products are put to practical use;
  • actors in the education sector receive further training and are networked.

Who can apply for funding?

Funding is primarily provided to civil society initiatives and non-profit organisations, such as (support) associations, schools, museums, academies, universities, archives, history workshops and educational institutions from Germany.

The projects are to be implemented by (or with the participation of) pupils from all types of schools, students, trainee teachers and qualified educators, volunteers and persons in facilities actively involved in the field of German-Jewish history and contemporary life.

The decision on funding for the completed applications will be taken by the Foundation based on the jury recommendations.



Funding of other new projects is unfortunatly not possible, because of ending of the programme.



Leonore Martin

Program Manager

Tel.: (030) 25 92 97- 45

Fax: (030) 25 92 97-11