Leo Baeck Funding Programme

The aim of the Leo Baeck Programme was to raise awareness of the diverse nature of German-Jewish history and German-Jewish life today. It is named after Rabbi Dr. Leo Baeck (1873 - 1956), a prominent figure in the field of liberal Judaism in Germany in the 20th century.

The Leo Baeck Programme supported education projects that critically examined German-Jewish history, which to date has been viewed primarily as a history of persecution against the background of the Holocaust. As a result, the Jewish contribution to Germany’s economic, political and cultural development has been overlooked. The aim was to portray and promote an understanding of German-Jewish history – between the contrasting aspects of emancipation and persecution – as an integral component of mainstream German history in the European context.


Funding of other new projects is unfortunatly not possible, because of ending of the programme.


Leonore Martin

Program Manager

Tel.: (030) 25 92 97- 45

Fax: (030) 25 92 97-11